Sunday, December 14, 2014

Flipped and Differentiated Staff Meeting

An important topic that has been coming up in the building recently was on Differentiating Instruction. How are we reaching all students. The principal and I decided it was time that we spent some time on the subject. Using "Smore" and a series of articles and videos I found online, I created this flipped and differentiated staff meeting. I always have felt like a good staff meeting should look like a good classroom. Objectives should be clearly stated and some form of exit slip to determine understanding/effectiveness, etc., so this was a fun exercise for me. We emailed the "Smore" out the weekend before the staff meeting. The plan was to have small groups meet to discuss their links and determine a way to report out their discussion. We were differentiating how groups were provided content and giving choice in how they wanted to create a final product. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate that afternoon and we felt staff safety superseded the discussion. Instead we asked staff to look through multiple links and complete a Google Form rating the presentation and commenting on the subject area. I'm disappointed that we did not have the rich discussions that I was anticipating but am happy that people are still thinking about DI. 

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