Monday, December 29, 2014


It is amazing when you consider all of the logistics that come into play when organizing and managing a school building. If not done in a thoughtful way, day to day issues can eat away at an administrator's ability to act as a lead learner for a building. With this thought in mind, I spent much of the summer thinking about simplifying these logistics.

I was finding that as new people and substitutes entered the building, our schedule was complicated and required people to go to several sources to figure out when lunch and recess was, let alone when grade level PLC meetings took place. Also, we were using over six forms to delineate duties. Not only did this make it difficult for people to know what their duties were, assigning duties in an equitable way was a nearly impossible task.

My mantra became "One Page". I worked to revamp our Master Schedule to include lunches, recesses, PLCs and specials into a document that was user friendly. I combined all of the duty sheets into one excel spreadsheet. I was able to use a formula to determine how many duties each staff member was assigned so that easy adjustments could be made. Another little perk was that I was able to (with a little IT help) place a cell outlined in the corner. All staff members needed to do was type their name into the cell and all their duties were highlighted.

The amount of time this has saved has allowed me to focus more on student learning rather than logistics. When looking for a staff member or creating a testing schedule, I'm no longer flipping through multiple pages to get the information I need. It is right there.

I've included the before and after documents if anyone wants to take a look. I am sure I will spend some time this summer updating and tweaking them. If anyone sees anything or has another system I'd love to see what other people use.

Old Schedules:
New Schedule:
Old Duty Forms:
New Duty Excel:

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