Sunday, December 14, 2014

Accent On Achievement

Each year the Londonderry School District prints and presents a document to tax payers explaining how tax funds are being used and what service they are providing the town. This document is called the Accent on Achievement. Over the years, the document has morphed and grown. Student test scores, graduation rates, etc. are all reported. When I took over the document last year I met with the Assistant Superintendent and we decided it was time to punch it up a little bit. I kept all of the graphs and data points that had always been reported but added articles and pictures to better illustrate what the schools do beyond the numbers. As Sir Ken Robinson tweeted, "Just because you can't count it doesn't mean it doesn't count." I included pieces on exciting use of technology and student volunteerism. I feel like it added a nice touch and really illustrated what tax payers were getting as a return on investment. If you have a lot of time take a look at our Accent On Achievement.

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