Sunday, April 12, 2015

Last year we began a process of identifying and targeting at-risk students. We asked each grade level to discuss as a team which students they had the most concerns for moving forward. We did not specify a reason why a student may be deemed "at-risk". Some students were chosen for attendance issues, others for academic concerns and some for behavioral or family situations. Throughout the year we circled back to these students, monitoring their progress and of course asking if more could be done to support them.

This year we are taking the practice a step further. As we approach the end of the year, we are collecting data on all of our students and filling the information into an Excel spreadsheet. We will use this information and spreadsheet in the placement process later.  For now, Excel allows us to use this data to target specific data points. Working with our grade level Data Managers, we determined important data points for each grade. Each point is aligned with a rubric. When a student meets the rubric threshold of 3, they are deemed some level of at-risk. Every time they meet this level of concern, the color around their name darkens from a yellow to orange to red determining the level of "at-risk". It's our hope that using this system will allow us to closely monitor our students and ensure that none slip through the cracks.

Take a look at the document attached and feel free use or adjust as you like.

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